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The company technical service oriented,Sales and production in shandong finishing tube factory,Main business including inspecting &controlling,Seamless steel pipe,Precision steel pipe,27SiMnSteel pipe,Ceramic pipe etc。 As long as you put forward your desired results inside the steel pipe industry or hope to be able to solve the problem,We always have a solution is worth you to evaluate! The company is acted on“Supply chain competition”The strategic service concept,In order to“Professional dedication,A win-win situation”As the principle to provide customers with quality、Reasonable price products and thoughtful technical services,Do your trustworthy business partner!

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Tibet precision steel pipe_Light pipe pipe.it images(Telephone counseling),Update time:2019-01-05

Tibet precision steel pipe_Light pipe pipe.it images(Telephone counseling)

Liaocheng cheng steel tube co., LTD is located in known as"Jiangbei shuicheng"The reputation of shandong province liaocheng city development zone,Located in the steel pipe distribution center-Cable and steel pipe market,North jiqing-Dhi pavilion along the highway,Jingjiu railway throughout north and south,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。   The company was founded in1996Years,The total investment2.6One hundred million yuan,Covers an area of18Million square meters。Existing staff1200People,Technical personnel80More than one,Management personnel30People.Main production of precision steel tube。Companies pay attention to the shaping of modern enterprise image and the accumulation of intangible assets,Strengthening the management of enterprises,Stick to it"The user is supreme"The virtue of policy,The quality management and international rail,Put the products into the market at home and abroad,Establish brand corporate image。Company through industry experts strict review,Have to go throughISO9001:2000Quality management system certification;And the company are operators of the seamless steel pipe liaocheng city association unit、Agricultural bank of ChinaAAAGrade credit enterprise、Liaocheng city credible unit contract、Product was named private economy in shandong province famous brand products。Company advanced production equipment,Strong technical force,Advanced reasonable process flow,Detection means complete。   The company can be developed:20#.16MnLarge diameter thick wall pipe used in engineering pillar,Specifications:351mm-1800mm*6mm-60mIn order to ensure that the product yield,The company is equipped with laboratory,Have strong learning performance test、Process performance test、Eddy current testing,Ultrasonic flaw detection、The hydraulic test、Metallographic test、High precision carbon sulfur analysis of a complete set of detection means,And a number of highly qualified technology staff and inspectors。Perennial sales and agent into at pangang、Baotou steel,Baosteel、Anshan iron and steel、Metallurgical steel、Days steel、HengGang, etc,The material:10#.20#、45#、16Mn、27SiMn、Q345B.35CrMo、20Cr、40mn2,40crmo.20crmnTi,10CrMo910 15crmo. 12Cr1MoVAnd geological、The pipe,Chemical industry、Electric power and other special pipe,Enforced by national standards:GB/T8162-99、GB/T8163-99、GB/T3807-99、GB/T5310-95、20G、ST45.8Ⅲ、GB9948-88、GB6479-2000And so on。Steel tube type:Structure with seamless steel tubes,Transmission fluid with seamless steel tube,Low.In the.High pressure boiler seamless steel tube;Petroleum cracking tube;Alloy seamless steel pipe、Bearing steel tube,Special welded tube, etc。Plank:Carbon plate、Manganese plate,Container plate、Stainless steel plate,Titanium plate, etc。
Supply:20crFinished steel pipe_20crFinished steel pipe quotation(Certification enterprises),Update time:2019-01-05

Supply:20crFinished steel pipe_20crFinished steel pipe quotation(Certification enterprises)

Fu cheng steel tube co., LTD. Is a collection production、Sales for the integration of large-scale steel enterprises,Main production outside diameter:¢14-159mm,Wall thickness:¢1-30mmThe precision of the tube、20#Precision steel pipe、45#Finishing tube、16MnPrecision tube、Q345BPrecision seamless tube、Small diameter seamless steel tube、Large-diameter seamless steel tube、Thick wall seamless steel tube、Precision seamless steel tube, etc,Steel pipe specification material is complete,Apply to:A car、Motorcycle、Electric power、Machinery、Hydraulic accessories、Bearings、Pneumatic components、Oil cylinder、Coal mine、Conveyor、Boiler equipment、The pipe、Engineering and other fields,The company has a modern research center,Have strong learning performance test、Process performance test、Eddy current testing,Ultrasonic flaw detection、The hydraulic test、Metallographic test、High precision carbon sulfur analysis of a complete set of detection means,And a number of highly qualified technology staff and inspectors,Companies with good reputation、The high quality product、Solid strength、Low price is famous in the country30Many provinces、The city、Autonomous region,The product is deep users rely on。  At the same time my company annual operating chengdu、Baotou steel、Metallurgical steel、LuBao、Anshan iron and steel、Taiyuan、Wuxi、Xining、Hengyang、Hongdu、Tianjin and so on several big steel mills production of seamless steel tube、Alloy steel pipe、High pressure boiler tube、Stainless steel pipe,Stock ownership10000Tons,900More than kinds of specifications,Stock material:10#、20#、35#、45#、20G、16Mn、Q345B、27SiMn、35CrMo、42CrMo、40Mn2、20Cr、40Cr、10CrMo910、15CrMo、12Cr1MoV、15CrMoG、T91、12Cr1MoVG、1Cr5Mo、Stainless steel:301、304、304L、316、316L、321、347H、310S、309S、904LAnd so on.  The products are sold implement national standards:GB/T8162-2008(The structure of tube)、GB/T8163-2008(Fluid tube)、GB/T3087-2008(Low medium pressure boiler tube)、GB/T5310-1995(High pressure boiler tube)、GB/T17396-1999(Hydraulic prop)GB/T6479-2000(Fertilizer special tube)、GB/T3639-2000(Cold drawn or cold rolled precision seamless steel tube)、GB/T14975-2002(Use stainless steel tube structure)、GB/T14976-2002(With stainless steel pipe conveying fluid)And so on。Over the years,The company in line with me“High quality and efficiency,Keep the weight”Business philosophy and service for the general customers to provide quality and cheap products and after-sales service,Got the new and old users from all walks of life support and praise。
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